As we have an obvious strong connection to this island, please people: LISTEN UP!

An oil drilling platform is supposed to be built on the gulf of Ibiza and Valencia. The problem with oil platforms – besides being really huge and ugly – is the immense risk of oil leaks and pollution through other substances and the irreversible harm this would do to the surrounding nature. Especially when tourism is the main source of income, even one little accident would have tragic consequences for nature and life in the Mediterranean.

The protests against the oil drilling planned by the company Cairn Energy started out on facebook when opposers of the oil drilling were protesting naked and splattered in oil holding signs saying #IbizasaysNO! These beginnings have turned into a huge movement on facebook. Now there is not just the Ibiza community (Eivissa diu NO) but all over the world people have come together and build facebook groups against the careless and dangerous project of Cairn Energy.

For their petition to make an impact, the inhabitants of our beloved White Island need 30,000 signatures before February 10. Online petitions are not legally recognised – your signature must be original and physical copies sent in to be counted.

Not in Ibiza? You can still have your say! Download relevant forms here and check the official petition website for more info! Want to continue to say that the Balearic islands are the caribbean of Europe? What will Formentera look like then? Make sure it stays a paradise and help some Ibo’s out!